Which are the benefits of strength training

For years aerobic exercises like walking and cycling have been promoted in order to burn fat and lose weight. There is no doubt that with one hour of intense aerobic exercise about three hundred calories can be burned, and if it is intense enough a high level of metabolism is maintained for many hours after the training. But unfortunately this effect that burns calories, has a short duration since in general with aerobic exercise no muscle mass is developed.

Besides the combination of an excessive amount of exercise with a diet with low levels of calories can produce a loss of muscle mass, in this way the individual will end up just losing weight but with flaccid tissues. Therefore despite the benefits provided by aerobic exercise it may not be the most recommended solution when the individual is looking for to maintain the ideal weight.

In general, most of adult people loss a big amount of muscle per year due to the lack of use of muscles, it explains in part the decrement of RMB in one to three percent per decade. It all simply means that less calories are burned since muscles become smaller and since most of the people aren’t aware of it they keep eating as usual and as we all know calories that are not burned are stored as fat and since they have less density than muscles, it is possible that even maintaining the same weight to have more fat than muscle. Although aerobic exercise helps to burn more calories than strength training, the difference is in the amount of calories that are burning after strength training has finished. With a very intense strength training it can be maintained an elevated RMB for many hours after activity has finished, also more calories can be burned after exercise has finished and for more hours than what can be achieved with aerobic exercise.

In a study made on men and women, it has been found that through the use of intense strength training during sixteen minutes with series between ten and twelve repetitions and with minimum periods of rest their RMB was increased in about nine percent during the next fifteen hours after the exercise. Although some women become stronger while making strength training, most of them do not experience muscle mass increment at all since they have very low levels of testosterone (Male hormone responsible for the development of muscle mass on men). However it is important to point out the importance of a minimum increment of muscle mass instead of increasing fat in order to maintain the same weight.

Among additional benefits of strength training we can find:

  • It enhances the posture and therefore the amplitude of breathing mechanic which at the same time helps to improve the process of digestion and to decrease constipation.
  • It provides shape to muscles since its fibbers are developed from the center of the muscle.
  • There are more capillaries in action and heart works with less effort.