What is the max growth of a muscle in two weeks

The growth of muscles in human beings body depends on the form of exercise that someone engages in. This demands total dedication and hard work. It is not an easy task as some people may assume. Gaining of muscles require a well balanced diet and a proper exercising plan that will give the person an opportunity to be fit.

To determine the exact maximum growth of muscles within a period of two weeks is not an easy task unless you are keen and observe your diet properly. However, despite the difficulty in calculating the exact growth of muscle within short period of time, the maximum growth of muscles in two weeks depends on some of the factors as outlined below;


Genetics are types of variables that you need to regulate for example, you need to control what you eat and how you train. Alternatively, your genetics is such variable that you have no control over even though it has the greatest impact on the rate of muscle growth.

Law of the Diminishing Returns

The duration you have taken for training determines the rate of growth of your muscles i.e the higher the training age, the slower the gains are going to be observable. In most of the situations, people who have been training for above a period of 10 years will develop muscles slower than someone who has been doing it for 10 weeks. The only disadvantage with this form of training is that the age of training varies from one person to another as it is assumed the program used during training is much sensible.

Type of the body

The rate of growth of muscle upwards depends on the body type of an individual and mass of the muscle you begin training with. For example, if there are two gentlemen both of which have a fat of about 15%. Assume the first man has 200pounds and is 6 foot and 4 inches while the other one has 150 pounds with 5foot and 6inches, the second guy will have a small structure of bones than the first one.


Testosterone is the king of the entire anabolic hormones in circumstances where the strength and sizes are taken into consideration. This is because the level of anabolic hormones that floats in the body are normally affected by the level of your training as well as your eating habits hence it influences the rate of growth of body muscles. Men have between 350 to 1230ng/dl of testosterone in their bloodstream. These also affect how the body corresponds to the eating habits and training.

In conclusion...

The growth of muscle is a good form of exercise as it proves the level of fitness of an individual. The only problem is the difficulty in determining the amount of growth in muscles within a specific period of time. However, through proper training and a well designed and balanced diet, you can regulate the rate of growth of your body muscles accordingly. Observe all the time framings you have put in place and abide by them. This will help you develop stronger muscles and improve your fitness.