Whey Protein Shakes Gave Me the Confidence I Needed

Being a teenager is tough no matter who you are or what you look like, but being an obese teenager is the worst. I was significantly overweight as a child and into my teen years. I was unpopular and frequently picked on. All the negativity about my looks made a strong impression on me, but I just didn't know what to do about it. I began bullying other kids that weighed less than me just because I could. It was the only thing that made me feel better. Then as puberty took its hold, I began rapidly losing weight and growing dramatically taller. It wasn't anything I did, it just happened. All of a sudden I was experiencing the exact opposite problem. Now I was the skinniest kid in class and was being picked on for being "anorexic" and was nicknamed the, "Starving Artist". It was a whole new level of humiliation, except that I couldn't even throw my weight around anymore. I couldn't win!

As my folks shipped me off to college, they could tell something was wrong. I didn't have many friends and girls weren't attracted to me. My father, not a particularly masculine man in his own right, but a gentleman and a scholar nonetheless, handed me a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding". Intrigued, I read the whole thing cover to cover like the nerd I was. I studied the diagrams of his favorite exercises, learned about training splits, dug into the physiology, and took special note of the nutritional programs. I took my first fateful trip to the school gym and after a few sessions was completely hooked.

At first I could only bench press the bar and lift 20 pound EZ curls, but with effort I quickly began putting on muscle mass and grew much, much stronger. I developed a nutritional plan based on Arnold's recommendations. Everything was going smoothly: women were beginning to find me attractive, my self-confidence soared, friends appeared, and everything in my life began to click like it never had before.

However, about 6 months later I hit a wall and couldn't gain any more muscle. I couldn't lift heavier weights. My progress completely stagnated. Desperately looking to continue improving my training I began asking myself, "Should I drink whey protein shakes to gain muscle mass?" I read the science and investigated a whole bunch of different protein supplements. I concluded that it was the missing link in my training.

The studies were right. I began trying different whey supplements and immediately my training kicked back into high gear. I didn't need unhealthy crazy chemicals, whey synthesized protein was the answer I was looking for. I began training longer and harder than every before and whey shakes were the key to get me back on track. I haven't looked back since and have been training hard for more than 6 years. I'm in the best shape of my life and every day I have more energy than the last.

If you're wondering if you should drink whey protein shakes to gain muscle mass, I say yes. But more importantly, you should drink whey protein shakes to jack your training to the next level, to gain self confidence and to be the best athlete you can be. Let's do this.