Muscle Building Program - How to Build Muscle Fast

Gaining muscle requires discipline, genuine effort and determination. You need to appreciate that no magic pill can aid you build muscle quickly. You cannot attain a properly sculpted body with flawlessly toned muscles overnight. Trying to achieve long term success through shortcuts is only a waste of time. However, right type of work out and diet, appropriate type of technique plus relentless efforts can aid you in accomplishing your fitness objectives. The following hints on muscle building program - how to build muscle fast will help you build a toned and sculpted body.

Appropriate exercise: Exercises for muscle building are the initial step in acquiring muscle mass. It is vital that you know how your muscles work during weight training work out sessions. Target all the muscle groups regularly. Include muscle building work outs for shoulder, abdominal, back, triceps and bicep muscles. Correct rep ranges, right intensity levels and right technique all help to increase the efficiency of your work outs.

If your goal is to acquire muscle, you have to strike a balance as regards strength training and cardio work outs. Excessive cardio can lead to fat and muscle loss. Your cardio should be restricted to two days of mild running on the treadmill.

Appropriate Diet:

The food you eat plays an important part in boosting muscle mass in the course of body building. Appropriate type of foods enhances your performance and endurance and brings the finest results after working out vigorously. Muscle building diet consists of 20% fat, 30% carbohydrates and 50% protein. This includes all protein rich foods like eggs, turkey, chicken, fish, dairy products with low fat, unsaturated fats plus complex carbohydrates. Muscle building diet should concentrate on providing the body with all the nutrients it needs to build new muscle tissue. Aside from providing vital nutrients needed for the repair of damaged muscles, your diet should also provide energy or fuel to perform intense gym work outs.

Pre and Post Exercise Meals:

These 2 meals are vital to make the most of the effect of exercise. What you eat prior to and following your workout sessions can make or mar your effort. Therefore, your pre plus post exercise meals should contain carbohydrate packed and protein rich foods. These foods boost energy levels, stamina and performance.

Muscle building supplements:

The nutrients derived from the foods you eat may not be sufficient to meet your nutritional requirements during periods of intense training. Thus, your body requires additional nutrients to obtain sufficient energy as well as nutrients to repair damaged tissues and muscles. These supplements boost your stamina during heavy physical exercise. Additional stamina means better performance, which means you will be using more time and effort in the gym. In addition, they help you recover faster so you are set for your next intense session.


It is highly essential that you rest properly after your workout. Rest helps quicker repair of damaged muscle tissues and thus leads to fast recovery.

Lastly, ensure you do your exercises in a controlled and measured way. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses so as to bring out the best in you.