Insulin - The Secret Drug Of A Body Builder

Look through all the archives of various body building contests, and you shall be startled to find beginning in the last decade, most professional body builders are able to get much bigger at a faster rate. Some had even added more than 20 pounds in just one season. Though the audience shall love the presence of some secret drug or some gene enhancing therapy, that is mostly not the case. Most body builders aren't much helpful when it comes to this, and want the audience to think up all kind of drugs. Various theories had been developed to explain all this weight loss, and the results are startling.

The body builders have discovered no secret drug even if the audience believes different. Their secret lies with insulin, considered as one of the most anabolic hormone within our human body. It do have the advantage that its certainly legal and mostly cheap. A bottle of insulin shall come at a cheap rate of $30. The added advantage is that one do not have to worry about any side effects. With the correct usage of insulin, along with the combined effects of human growth hormones and steroids, most professional have added weight onto those seemingly impossible physique.

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Most people are not aware of how much insulin to take for bodybuilding. Unless you take in a correct dosage of insulin, there are plenty of risks that shall accompany you. An over dosage of insulin can lead to a condition known as hypoglycemic shock. This happens when there is too much insulin administered for the glucose in our blood stream. In case of insulin deficit, metabolism wont occur properly. This shall lead to a condition where the glucose shall build up in our blood and never reach the cells. Such a condition is called diabetes. So an excess or a deficit of insulin can lead to various health issues, and hence its imperative that one chooses the correct dosage of insulin.

Make sure that your insulin dosage is limited to atleast 15 - 45 IUs. But it shall depend greatly on your daily carbohydrate intake. During a dieting or a cutting period, the dosage should be further lowered. Most of the body builders are used to three insulin injections every day. The first dosage occurs just after awakening, and Humalin R is recommended. The second dosage occurs somewhere close to the noon, and Humalog is the apt choice. The third and the final intake is done just after you finish your workout for the day. Its not recommended to take a shot close to night, as you might need to check yourselves for low sugar levels.

Anyone who is thinking of taking a shot of insulin should be aware of the glycemic index. Its basically a ranking of the foods that we take in and how it shall affect the sugar in our blood streams. Candies, dates, honey and even jelly beans are rated high in these indices. Hence it becomes important that we identify those high ranking foods for the proper dosage of insulin. Unless it is used properly, it shall leave you with elevated enzymes and various other side effects. An improper usage of insulin can even lead to death. Hence think twice before using this drug.