How it Works

Muscle tissue is mainly composed by two elements:

  1. Water, which constitutes about seventy five percent of the weight of the muscle.
  2. Proteins and nitrogen compounds.

Among these substances we can find: myogenic (which is a sarcoplasmic protein), the myoglobin which is very similar to hemoglobin in blood and works on the transportation of oxygen. The main goal of the product AntlerX is to provide the best elements to encourage muscle development while focusing on overall safety and health. Muscle development is a complex process induced by a variety of factors. To think that muscle development depends only of training, rest and alimentation, is just a simplified way to see it.

The worst mistake made on the execution of a plan of muscle building is to forget that there are variables in individuals that are responsible for big differences in the rhythm with which we are capable of recover ourselves of physical effort, the level of absorption and utilization of the food we intake and the functioning of the chemical laboratory that is constituted by the metabolism of each person. We could say that those disparities are genetic inheritance of each individual; however it is always possible to adapt some factors that are relevant in order to increase the processes and organic mechanisms which lead to a bigger metabolic efficacy.

With the pass of time there is a natural reduction of hormones that are involved on the development of muscles as the person ages; the audacious challenge is to stop is to combat such a reduction maintaining at the same time the highest performance. All the elements required for the development of muscle fibber such as proteins, nutritional supplements and Creatine are provided by AntlerX, everything that is needed to stimulate naturally and safely the development of muscles without the use of steroids.

The human Growth Hormone or HGH is produced on the human hypophysis and stimulates the synthesis of proteins favoring in consequence the development of muscles and bones. Although growth finishes during adolescence, this hormone is secreted during the whole life since it is necessary for the production of new materials to replace worn out structures. Besides it is indispensable for its important role on metabolism, favoring the use of deposits of fat as a source of energy.

The amount of HGH in an adult is reduced in about fourteen percent for each decade after thirty years of age. In many cases it has been completely spent at the age of seventy years of age. The lack of HGH on the body can cause the following issues:

  • Decrease of muscle mass on the body
  • Diminution of capacity and physical performance
  • Decrement of strength.

The HGH has a powerful anabolic action and allows the synthesis of proteins that is very important since it leads to an increment of the size of muscle cells. IGF-1 which has similar functions that those mentioned in reference to HGH is the most important ingredient of AntlerX formula.