How to increase muscle mass in a shot duration

Today, there are a myriad of conflicting theories about how to increase muscle mass quickly. You may have tried several body building programs only to be disappointed by the results. However, do not give up since there are standard routine exercises that have proved effective in increasing muscle mass. Take note that the triceps are the most active muscles found in you arm. They work along with the biceps to straighten the elbow and arm. They are utilized in everyday life and active sports hence they should be one of the main priorities when exercising.

Big 3

One of the effective standard routine exercises is the big 3. It involves three aspects, which are the dead lift, squat and the bench. These lifts are great for novices in body building because it lays a strong foundation for the muscles. Those involved in these exercises are encouraged to perform a specific number of sets and reps. The number of sets can be added each week as the body gets more accustomed to the exercise. The reps and sets will vary from one individual to another depending on the expert providing the guidelines and advice. It is worth noting that all weight lifting efforts work up to a certain degree.

Static reps

Static reps are a great way of blasting muscle mass to higher levels. With these reps, you perform them a maximum of two times per set. Actually two sets for every workout is sufficient enough. The static reps assist in holding the weight of a single rep within the position of the muscle that is most contracted so as to generate sufficient stress directly to the muscle which in turn causes maximum intensity on the contracted muscle. Experts have argued that intensity is required to increase muscle mass. This is the reason why the static rep is extremely effective in increasing muscle mass quickly.

Weighted Dips

Weighted dips are specially made for building the triceps. The best alternative is to purchase a weight belt that can be hanged on the waist. Another option is to wear a rucksack that is filled with old books. You can then add about 20kg and then shoot for four sets of six to eight reps. The added weight is increased in making the arms stronger and bigger.

The Close grip - Bench Press

This exercise moves the load from the chest to the arms. The width of the grip depends on one's taste and preference. You can deep your hands about six inches apart so as to reduce the strains on the wrists. In case you have got an EX bar, then you can make use of it. It has angle handles that will enable you pump the reps with ease. Ensure that you do several close grips. By using heavy weights and fewer reps, you will definitely stimulate a big proportion of the fibers of the muscles in the arms.

By performing the above mentioned exercises regularly, you will definitely notice a quick increase in your muscle mass.