How to build muscle mass and burn fat

With the rising medical concern on the risk of obesity and need to be fit, how to build muscle mass and burn fat simultaneously is a worry for many people today.To build muscle while burning fats, diet rich in the natural sources of energy is necessary. These natural foods include; honey, vegetables, fruits, tea, berries and lean proteins. Such foods keep your body always rejuvenated with energy. It is also advisable to consume foods whose nutrient content is high such as whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat. These foods are suitable for muscle building and increasing body energy levels.

Water is necessary for hydration of body cells, aiding digestion and metabolism. You therefore need to increase your daily water intake, which will keep the body hydrated. Proper water intake also promotes muscle recovery preventing oxygen debt especially after exercise. Nutritional experts recommend that an adult should take at least two cups of water after each meal and not less than one liter of water per day. However, one should avoid beverages rich in calories like sodas, tea and lemonade among others.

Exercises are very crucial for muscle mass building and fat burning. Weight lifting exercises is one of the easiest exercises that ensure muscle building by using your body weight. However, beginners should moderate weight lifting by starting with lighter weights then increasing the weights gradually with time and avoiding weight lifting in consecutive days to give muscles time to relax. The best exercise that engages both the muscles and joints simultaneously are the compound exercises. They include pull-ups, bench presses, squats, push-ups and dead lifts. In order to promote losing of fats and metabolism, cardiovascular exercises like jogging and cycling are paramount especially on the days that you are off from weight lifting. It is adequate to do these exercises thrice to five times per week.

Protein intake is a crucial food for the people in this kind of program. This is because proteins contain Amino acids that are very important fats necessary for muscle building. Furthermore, proteins digestion takes some time and demand for more energy. This leads to burning of more fat to aid in metabolism. Consequently, for the people aiming to burn fat it is advisable they take about 20 grams of protein rich food 30 minutes before weight lifting that ensures burning of the stored fat to provide energy for lifting as well as for digestion of proteins. Some of rich sources of protein include fish, legumes, eggs and skinless chicken.

Though foods rich in calories provide a lot of energy when burned, inadequate exercise leads to the conversion of calories to fats which are then stored under the skin increasing the body fats. Therefore, it is prudent to reduce the amount of calories taken in the meals and maintaining a diet rich in proteins and less fats. Avoid foods and drinks rich in empty calories like chips and soft drinks since these calories increase body fats yet they do not help build the muscles.

It is important to give your body a good rest. This helps to rejuvenate your body muscles after suffering fatigue during exercises. More protein intake is important during rest. This promotes burning of fats due to energy demand for digestion. This ensures fats reduction in the body continues even during rest.