How much protein should you take while bodybuilding

Everyone who is a bodybuilder requires a considerable amount of protein in order to retain the muscles. In addition, how much protein for bodybuilding depends on the bodybuilder's body type, job and the frequency with which he trains. Protein is the major component of food among all other food supplements and vitamins. As a bodybuilder, your body will not grow or retain its weight without protein. It is recommended that you start with either 1 or grams of protein per one pound of your body weight. With this protein diet for a period of 30 days and you will definitely see changes. Your body will grow stronger and bigger. A body builder should feed his or her body with good and clean food regularly. The healthy eating habit of any bodybuilder should be that one, which does not permit overeating or hunger. One should keep the protein intake high and controls the amount of fat they consume.

As you take enough protein, consistency in the right diet is the key to maintaining the muscles. Furthermore, how much protein for bodybuilding differs depending on the size and energy of the bodybuilder. Furthermore, it also depends on the level of fat content on the body. For example, an individual bodybuilder can consume between 30 to 80 grams of protein food in one sitting, and about 200 to 400 grams in a day. An athlete who works hard daily should consume between 1 to 1 grams of protein food per pound weight of his or her muscles. For instant, if you have about 180Ibls of muscles, you should aim at consuming between 180 t0 250 grams of protein food everyday. Knowing the percentage of your daily intake of calories is another way of determining how much protein you can take daily. You should get a minimum of 20m percent of calories and a maximum of 50 percent of your daily calories intake from protein. In general, your daily meal should institute 35 percent protein food, 40 percent carbohydrate, and the remaining 25 percent should be fats.

Another challenge that most body builders have is to determine the amount of fat they can eat in one sitting. If a body builder consumes 200 grams of protein in a day and distributes this amount in six meals, 1 pre work out, and one post work out, then he or she needs to consume 25b grams of protein per meal. However, some bodybuilders choose to consume more protein food during their work out times, which are in the morning and before they sleep. Therefore, another way of distributing protein consumption is to consume 30 grams of protein in the morning, before your work out, after your work out, and before going to bed. This means that you will have only eighty grams remaining to distribute out to the four remaining meals. It is advisable to distribute protein consumption in every meal because this will stop you from hunger hankerings.

It is imperative to know that protein does only come from animal food products. Protein is also available in vegetables, grains, legume crops and fruits. Therefore, you should be consuming comprehensive protein foods. Such protein foods have essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of the protein.