How many sets are too many in bodybuilding ?

There is no definite style for body building. The only factor that really should ever limit how many sets an individual does is their health. If a person is in good health, then they can do sets until they cannot do them any longer. This is actually a technique some body builders like to employ from time to time. This particular technique is often termed, going to failure, for all the right reasons and because that is what is essentially done.

For muscles to grow they need to be worked and the reason they get soar the first two to three weeks of starting a routine is because they are not use to doing that amount of work. Most body builders change a routine about every six week in order to keep their muscles growing.

Another thing that some people like to do is switch up their routines once in awhile. This allows them to shock the muscles they are working and going to failure is an excellent way to do this.

Often body builders will do numerous sets while going to failure. This type of workout gives an excellent pump and often a person will be soar for a few days after this.

In a well rounded routine most people like to do about three sets of each form for hitting a particular muscle group. Wherefore; if it is a day they are working their biceps, then they might do three sets of three different forms for working their biceps with a total of nine sets in all. Really it mostly depends on how much time a person has to work out, how old they are, and how healthy they are.

Also, depending on what a person is trying to accomplish depends on what type of work out they should put together. For people who want to put on bulk and gain body mass then they should lift heavy weights. When training with heavy weight they may not get very many repetitions of the weight in so they probably would want to do more sets.

However; if a person is training to look more defined and get rid of fat then high repetition work outs are recommended. This still does not mean that a person cannot do a lot of sets along with a high repetition work out but if they do this often, then they will get more definition to their muscles and less growth.

For most people from 3-5 sets of one form for a certain muscle group is about normal. Also, each set should have between 4-10 repetitions per set depending on the desired result. These are common guidelines and of course an experienced body builder may often do extreme work outs to shock muscles in an attempt to get new growth.

There are three main components of body building and they consist of nutrition, rest, and work out. If a person optimizes all three of these areas, then they can expect the best results their genetic make-up will allow them.