Fitness and Weight Loss

It is very well known that muscle toning can provide a big variety of benefits even to an aerobic athlete; it supplies more power, joint stability and equilibrium for body. Loss of weight supported by a program of increment of muscle mass is much more efficient because it will always help to eliminate fat, while a diet for only weight loss will remove fat but muscle mass too. The goal for making weightlifting and exercising muscles is to gain more muscle mass while burning fat, since muscle is a very active metabolic tissue which needs a lot of calories for the development of its functions, through training you will have a muscle mass which will work as a calorie burning oven working day and night.

Specific exercises

  • Oar; this exercise works over the latissimus dorsi muscle, one of the biggest muscles in the body. Place your body with the torso leaning slightly toward and knees also with a slightly flexion. Keep your back straight; with your arms in vertical position bring closer the bar to your chest elevating and separating elbows but without moving your shoulders.
  • Pectoral press; lay down with face up with your legs flexed, start with the bar over your chest and end up elevating your hands with your arms fully extended in a vertical position. Keep your back straight.
  • Shoulder press; you must carry the weight from the level of your chin, always in front of your face (better than from the nape), totally vertical until the extension of elbows. Keep always your shoulders in the same line of hip.
  • Shrinkage; the classic abdominal exercise which works over the biggest muscle among the abdominal muscles which consists in the elevation of shoulders through a flexion of the trunk. It will be enough for you to separate shoulders from the floor with just a few centimeters in the middle. Try to contract your abdomen during the exercise so traverse abdominal muscles can also be involved on the exercise.
  • Splits; Stand up and with a dumbbell in each hand, give a step forward so your leg forms right angle without the knee trespassing the vertical line of your foot. It is fundamental for you to maintain your trunk vertical all the time.

Practical advises

Try to work over big groups of muscles since they can implicate a significant improvement at the time of burning calories the whole day to accelerate metabolism, therefore it is important for you to focus on back, shoulder, buttocks and quadriceps muscles. If you start now with the muscle mass that you already have, only one series per week will be required, in other case you will have to make two or three series per week. The weight that you are going to lift is the maximum that you can use on ten repetitions, in a way that an eleventh repetition will result impossible for you. Try to make this routine twice or three times.