Frequently asked questions

Which is the active element of AntlerX formula?

Its active element is IGF-1 also known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1.

Which are the benefits of IGF-1?

This growth factor one has similar properties to insulin and it is considered as a powerful anabolic. This is a peptide that exists in a natural form with a molecular structure formed by a chain of seventy amino acids and with a unique configuration. Just like the human growth hormone, the IGF-1 is very important for the development pod tissues and structures inside the organism. In fact these two compounds are intimately associated. Recent studies have proven that the presence of human growth hormone can trigger the local production of IGF-1 on muscles, cartilages and other tissues. The IGF-1 does not act in the same way on all the tissues. In muscle cells it stimulates the production of proteins and other cellular compounds, while on adipose tissues it potentiates the use of fat as a source of energy.

In other tissues the IGF-1 inhibits the transference of glucose through cell membrane by the insulin. As a consequence cells are forced to use fat to obtain energy. From that point of view some investigators are making researches related to the human growth hormone which potentiates the production of IGF-1 as part of the therapy against obesity. On athletes the IGF-1 is capable of stimulating the development of muscle mass and the elimination of fat; this is the key element for success.

According to the opinion of many athletes the IGF-1 is “the most wonderful thing in the world to increase muscle mass and burn fat”. An endocrinologist on North Carolina made an experiment with four men and three women of ages between twenty two and forty seven years of age, they were put to a regime with levels of calories low enough to produce loss of muscle tissue, destructive cellular process known as catabolism. The doctor found out that the catabolism could be stopped with the combination of the human Growth Hormone and IGF-1. Besides he noticed that combining the compounds enhanced their anabolic effects.

Which are the benefits provided by AntlerX formula in general?

A nutritional supplement is a group of natural substances concentrated with a variety of functions. Among them they provide a caloric value to the diet. In this case they cover nutritional deficiencies and sometimes they even get to replace meals. But what AntlerX does is much more than that, it raises your IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor one) and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels since both of them are involved in the development of muscles.

It has been proven that the HGH, which is segregated by the pituitary gland, stimulates the development of the human body. It controls the high, shape and development of organs. Among the benefits provided by this element we can find the following:

  • Much more energy
  • Increment of muscle mass
  • Muscle Strength
  • Loss of body fat
  • Tolerance to exercise