Bodybuilding When Pregnant - should you do it or not ?

When you are passionate about something, nothing stands in your way. This especially applies to those who have been bitten by the iron bug. The passion for bodybuilding runs strong in many who enjoy their training sessions more than the average gym member. Come rain or shine, a true bodybuilder is always at the gym pushing the limits. However, as a female bodybuilder, you are faced with a dilemma when you get pregnant. You almost feel that you have to choose one or the other. So, what do you need to keep in mind if you are considering bodybuilding when pregnant?

Pregnancy does come with its challenges. Your body not only changes physically, but you experience psychological changes as a result of the hormonal changes caused by the pregnancy. You will experience morning sickness. Most times, you will not wake up in the morning looking forward to your breakfast. To make matters more challenging, the nights will not be the best time of your nine months. Due to physical changes, you will not be able to sleep in your favorite position. This may lead to sleeplessness; cases of insomnia do also occur at times. Back pain due to the physical changes to your body and swollen legs leading to leg cramps also occur as as the pregnancy progresses. Dietary needs also change.

Therefore, bodybuilding when pregnant can be challenging. First, you will have to find ways of handling any sleeplessness or insomnia that may occur as a result of the pregnancy. This will be detrimental to any bodybuilding gains you seek to achieve. High stress levels in the body due to lack of sleep may lead to the production of the hormone Cortisol that will compromise your bodybuilding gains. Therefore, you must find ways of relaxing before bedtime. This should aid in ensuring that you sleep which is extremely essential to ensure maximum results in your bodybuilding endeavors.

The physical changes in your body should also be taken into account. The increase in the abdomen area's size means that there are some exercises that you should not do. You should avoid deadlifts, stiff-leg deadlifts or good mornings if you are bodybuilding when pregnant. If your feet are swollen, any kind of leg exercises should be avoided or performed using lighter weights. Ideally, you should use machines more as opposed to using free weights as machines provide more support for your back as you workout. Machines also come in handy if you are experiencing any kind of back pain.

One of the most important components of success in bodybuilding is the diet. Eating frequency is usually kept at between 5 to 7 meals per day to keep the body in an anabolic state. You will have to get a doctors recommendation for any supplements or prohormones you are taking. Anabolic steroids should be avoided as they could lead to deformities or miscarriages. If you are experiencing morning sickness, you should find alternative ways of reaching your caloric goals to ensure that your nutrition needs are met.