Are Pin Pulls Any Good for Bodybuilding

Pin pulls are maximum effort deadlift exercise. It requires the person to pull deadlifts from pins that are placed about four to six inches from the ground. Many bodybuilders have heard about pin pulls, and the question that plaques them is - are pin pulls any good for bodybuilding. Pin pulls are a great way to build a bigger chest, get massive calves, gain weight and build up core strength. So if you are into bodybuilding, you will benefit from doing a routine of pin pulls. When doing this exercise routine, it is important to get into the same body position as you would get in when attempting a regular deadlift. Many times, it has been seen that bodybuilders tend to be too far from the bar instead of being close to it. Keep your head up and use your glutes and upper back to pull the bar. Pin pulls are deadlifts with a reduced range of motion.

Muscles Used During Pin Pulls

When you are doing pin pulls, all the muscles in your body will be used. The first movement has an effect on the thighs, glutes and hips and the second movement has an effect on the muscles of the upper body.

If you want quality muscle mass, pin pulls should be incorporated into your exercise routine. If done correctly and consistently, pin pulls will provide you with a heavily muscled back, big chest and muscular calves. So if you are wondering are pin pulls any good for bodybuilding, the answer is a resounding yes. Many bodybuilders consider pin pulls as a true test of strength, as there is no inertia in it.

Benefits of Pin Pulls

Here are some of the benefits of pin pulls that you should be aware of if you are going to use this exercise routine in your bodybuilding workout.

Strength and Efficiency: As pin pulls require you to use your hips, ankle extension and knees, it cause a whole lot of muscle activity in your back. This exercise routine is great for burning calories, general fitness and building strength. It improves the efficiency of your metabolism and helps you workout more muscles and burn more calories.

Hamstring Strengthening: Typically bodybuilders concentrate on their quadriceps and forget about their hamstrings. Your hamstrings should be half as strong as your quadriceps, if not more. When you have strong hamstring, it reduces the chances of muscular imbalance, muscle strain and knee injuries. With pin pulls, you can train your hamstrings along with your lower back muscles and glutes. This exercise tends to simulate real world physical activities, such as bending down and picking up things, and has an overall benefit for the muscles which you will not get when training muscles in isolation.

Core Strength: As a bodybuilder, it is important to remember that abs are not the only core muscles that you have. You have other core muscles as well, such as erector spinae and hips. If you do pin pulls, you can train your erector spinae, abs and hips simultaneously. When you a strong core, you will be able to do everyday movements more easily. This will allow you to make use of the strength that you already have. In addition, core strength also means reduces chances of injury and better stability and balance.

Are Pin Pulls Any Good for Bodybuilding?

If you are still wondering are pin pulls any good for bodybuilding, the answer is yes. You should try to make pin pulls a regular part of your bodybuilding routine, so that you train all your muscles and enjoy the benefits of this training.